Providing Hope and a Future for Children Facing Trafficking and Persecution

Providing Hope and a Future for Children Facing Trafficking and Persecution

Compassionate Hope currently has 30+ Homes of Hope and 700+ children who have escaped a future of exploitation and human trafficking. Our primary “building block” of healing starts in our Homes of Hope where at-risk young people’s needs are met: physically, emotionally, educationally, socially, vocationally, and spiritually.

Southeast Asia, especially Thailand and Philippines, is at the epicenter of the world’s human trafficking and exploitation epidemic. It’s estimated that 1 out of 5 female children in Thailand are at risk. Over 50% of all tourism dollars are directly or indirectly tied to human trafficking.

Other important organizations focus on combating human trafficking—we focus on preventing it and then offering healing and recovery from it. We work with families to help stop them from selling their children, and, we provide a safe and loving environment to women who have escaped trafficking and need recovery.

Compassionate Hope’s founder and President, Al Henson, has been working and building relationships in Southeast Asia over the past 30 years. In 2011, Al and his wife, Susan, founded Compassionate Hope Foundation. Since that time, he has developed and partnered with national leaders to run 30+ Homes of Hope where children and young women are provided life-saving, and life-changing, care. 



Compassionate Hope is a Servant of Christ. We are committed to equipping leaders and developing partnerships with individuals, foundations, groups, and businesses to fulfill the mission of compassion “to the least of these” around the world. (Matthew 25:31-46)

Our team of Christ followers has been touched by the heart of the Lord. Reaching out with compassion to the persecuted, the trafficked, the widowed, the orphan, the poor, and the needy, unites the servant’s heart with the power of the living gospel.

People living the gospel. People sharing the gospel. Changing their communities. Impacting their world.



The call of Jesus draws us into an ever deepening loving relationship. When we draw near Him, then He shares by His Spirit His passions, His purposes and His plans with us. (Philippians 2:13).

As we by faith yield to the Lord Jesus and His passions and purposes, He empowers us with His Spirit to carry out His will. ( I Thessalonians 5:24 & Zechariah 4:6)

Compassionate Hope seeks to go where He leads us around the world. Living out the great commandment. Being God’s hands on earth. Join Him and us in this CALL.



The power of the living gospel unites the servant’s heart of Compassionate Hope to the living sacrifice of national leaders.

Compassionate Hope is committed to serving in areas where we are needed most. We meet the impoverished's most crucial needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. Then we empower the communities we serve by helping to implement projects like educational and vocational training.

We want to lift these precious men and women up so they are better off today than they were yesterday. Our prayer is that tomorrow they will be even stronger than they are today.


Our focus is to create independence. We enable local missions to work by sharing in the needs, concerns, and burdens of the native community as we work among the people. We seek to develop deep, life-long relationships by learning and understanding the culture–forsaking our own. With their grace and permission, we become one with them, empowering their efforts with our gifts and resources.

We live together. Love together. Work together. Suffer together. Rejoice together. Develop solutions together.

Whether living among a people permanently, or for short-term trips during the year, we commit to support, sustain, equip, and encourage them indefinitely. We are partners, yet we assume the role of servant.

Improving their communities. Impacting the world.

Give justice to the weak and the fatherless; maintain the right of the afflicted and the destitute. Rescue the weak and the needy; deliver them from the hand of the wicked.
Psalm 82:3-4

Our Staff



Founder and Executive Director of Compassionate Hope

Dr. Alfred G. Henson graduated with an agricultural engineering degree from The University of Tennessee and a Masters and Doctorate of Divinity from Liberty University.

He founded Lighthouse Ministries in 1978 and served as the leading shepherd for 33 years. Lighthouse includes a number of local churches, a multinational school and a large camp for disadvantaged children. His leadership and service to the Antioch community have developed a number of highly diverse and effective charitable ministries that have helped thousands of refugees who have settled into this community and the poor and needy in Antioch/Nashville. Leaders on this team were key in the flood relief in Nashville in 2010. Presently he remains at Lighthouse as President. He is respected for his success in developing compassionate, highly effective and gifted leaders!

As a gifted communicator, Al spends much of his time in Southeast Asia encouraging and developing leaders to care for “the wounded, abandoned, invisible and enslaved youth in these countries.”

Through Al’s burden for these young ones, he founded the Compassionate Hope Foundation. For over 30 years, Al has served the nations through building partnerships with trustworthy, national servant leaders in Southeast Asia. His efforts have prepared leaders for the implementation of the projects of CHF’s Southeast Asia. Their focus is not only equipping but also serving to help rescue and prevent human trafficking of children and young people.

One key factor for human trafficking in this area of Thailand and Southeast Asia is the lack of education often in tribal groups. Education either does not exist or stops at 6th grade. Al’s compassionate heart is leading the way in the building of CHF Villages of Hope, which includes a strong educational component. Al, along with the CHF team and supporting partners are believing together to change an entire region with these Villages of Hope.

Bro Al Through the Eyes of Another

Meet Brother Al. I met him last year in preparation to go to Thailand to serve under his ministry that works with those who’ve been victims of human trafficking. He’s a phenomenal man.

He has the biggest, most tender heart. To hear him speak on behalf of those who have no voice is indescribable. He’s spent years in Southeast Asia building relationships with people needing the freedom that only Christ brings. It truly was (and is) and honour to hang out with him and watch not only the love he has for people, but also the incredible love and respect they have for him. His white hair has made him a grandfather to children and a father figure for many adult men and women. You could cut the love with a butter knife.

It’s such a joy to sit at his feet and receive wisdom. He’s a humble man with a heart only to be used of God with people who have no advocate for them. One of my favourite memories was during dinner when he was gently holding hands with one of the girls that had been rescued. I couldn’t help but cry because it was so beautiful. A perfect picture of Jesus.
Thank you for your ministry, service, and courage. Thank you for bringing Jesus to the dark places so they too can have Light. Thank you for being used to bring not only physical freedom to others, but also breaking spiritual and emotional bondage. I and others are so blessed to have your example of a man of God who lives what he says he believes. Your life is an inspiration.



Founder of Pure In Heart Conference Ministries, PIH & CHF Speaker
Susan is a conference speaker and founder of Pure in Heart Conference ministries. She also is the co-author of two interactive devotional guides (Life Lessons from the Princess and the Kiss and Life Lessons from the Squire and the Scroll) which connects parents and preteens while planting the seeds of purity in the hearts of children. Susan is currently writing her next children’s book (The Prince and the Maiden – A Parable of a Royal Love Story) and to be published in 2013.

Susan served with Revive Our Hearts ministries for 8 years and was a True Woman workshop speaker. Susan lives in Antioch, Tennessee with her husband, Dr. Al Henson, founder of Compassionate Hope Foundation – a global and local mission ministry to the persecuted church in Asia and rescuing boys, girls and families from human slavery in Northern Thailand and in the US. They have three adult children and eight grandchildren who are her inspiration.

God has taken Susan on her own “Life Lesson” journey through some difficult refining fires. Now God is using the reality of her life message to passionately touch the lives of many women and young hearts across our nation to intimately come to know Christ and His redemptive plan for their lives. That passion now is building a bridge that spans the past, present and future with faith and hope for the next generation.

Stephen Barnes


Director of Pure in Heart Ministries, CHF Creative Director
Stephen Barnes joined the Compassionate Hope team in 2011 after 20 years of ministry. Stephen serves as the director of Pure in Heart and has a burden to increase awareness of the various outreaches of Compassionate Hope to the least of these around the world. He and his wife Julie live in Mississippi with their 4 beautiful children.


Administrative Assistant
Cheri Eiras is an Administrative Assistant to Susan Henson, the founder of Pure In Heart Ministries. As a freelance writer, she hopes to spotlight the work God is doing through the ministries of Compassionate Hope.

Cheri is a Pastor’s wife in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is a women’s speaker and has worked with many children’s ministries. She and her husband, Mike, have two sons.


Kathy grew up in a large, Italian family of four brothers and a twin sister, all servants of Jesus Christ. Because of mission-minded parents, she spent much time with missionaries that frequented her home. She came to Christ at an early age, and became increasingly burdened with sharing the Gospel message with a dying world. When she was 13, she made a public declaration at a missionary camp to commit her life to reach the nations for Christ. “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15) became the foundation of her life’s mission as a young servant of Christ.

Kathy graduated from Liberty University in 1981 with a major in Missions and a minor in Anthropology/Social Sciences. She married Bruce Omer, and the Lord led the couple to join Pioneers Mission in 1984. They went to Bangkok, Thailand, then later to South Thailand as young missionaries. God blessed them with four children: Esther, Caleb, Hannah, and Sarah. In 1997, the family experienced great personal sorrow that left Kathy a single mom to four children. Claiming Joshua 24:15, she asked her Heavenly Father for the strength and single-mindedness to continue to walk a life of integrity and faith before her children as a testimony to the compassion and hope found in Christ. She settled in South Florida near her twin sister, Karen, and her husband, Tom, who became the arms of Christ to her children.

Kathy earned a degree in Education with Trinity International University, and worked two years on an Educational Master’s degree with LU. She taught elementary and secondary school at The Master’s Academy in South Florida from 2000 to 2014. During that time she served as teacher, Assistant to the Principal, and Middle School Dean. Her greatest joy was to lead students and parents to Christ. Kathy ministered in her home church in South Florida as the Ladies’ Bible teacher, Women’s Conference Speaker, Women in Fellowship (WIF) ministry leader, and Youth Counselor.

Since leaving Thailand in 1997, Kathy has returned several times to serve and encourage. The Lord used her in the aftermath of the Tsunami to raise relief funds, help build homes, translate for the Thai Red Cross, distribute food, teach English in local schools, and share the love of Jesus with grieving orphans and families. Ministering alongside her Thai brothers and sisters in Christ, she asked the Lord to one day bring her back to Thailand, the people of her heart. The Lord answered prayer when on June 5, 2014 she joined the Compassionate Hope Foundation team.

Kathy’s twin sister, Karen, writes: “I knew since we were seven that my twin belonged to the nations. She made us late everywhere we went because she was constantly sharing Christ. At eight she became the missionary storyteller in Junior Church, and at 13, the pastor gave her a class of 20 five-year olds to teach in Junior Church. My twin sister is happiest when she is either sharing Christ or teaching the Word of God. It blesses and inspires me to watch her journey of faith.”


All of our staff raise their own financial support to serve with the ministry. You can make an online (tax-deductible) donation to Compassionate Hope and designate it as support for one of our staff members.