Slavery exists today. In Thailand. In America. Around the world.

Slavery exists today. In Thailand. In America. Around the world.

Young girls and boys are sold into commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor. Men and women are trapped as bonded laborers and slaves, suffering countless horrific abuses.

These are real people, with no hope of an escape or a future.

The Perfect Storm

A devastating storm of five elements has combined to enable human trafficking around the world.

Culture - Children are born into families that depend entirely upon the younger generation for their future care.

Religion - Children are taught from an early age that there is no greater honor than to care for your temple, your family, and your community.

Poverty - Although children are expected to support their family, the extreme poverty makes this nearly impossible.

Lack of Education - Poor schooling means a lack of prospects and diminished ability to support the community.

Opportunities - Many children look at the sex trade as a way for them to contribute financially to their family---an opportunity to provide something of value to their loved ones.

Thailand: A Funnel for Human Trafficking

Thailand is home to more human trafficking than anywhere else in the world.

Sex tourism accounts for more than 50% of tourist dollars, and thousands of children and teens are at risk of becoming victims of the trade.

Thai children from rural, ethnic communities are sent to urban areas or even other countries where they are exploited for sex and domestic work.

Women from all over Thailand are trafficked to countries as far away as Canada, the United States, Australia, and Germany.

At Compassionate Hope, our heart is to make a difference and help stop this worldwide atrocity.

Prevention - By establishing relationships, raising awareness, and providing education, we are taking the first steps to combat human trafficking. We work with locals who are passionate about protecting at-risk children and adults.

Restoration - We begin by identifying those who are in need or at great risk, and then offer Homes of Hope and safehouses for victims or potential victims. These homes offer a place for healing, and restoration in a loving and compassionate environment.

Not only do we work to integrate these precious individuals back into the community, but we also equip them with skills that enable them to seek a better future.