Thanks for visiting this page and for your interest in helping children of persecution.

For safety and security reasons we cannot show pictures of these children, these homes or share their locations on the internet.


Most of the children in these homes and their families have experienced various kinds and measures of persecution and suffering because of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Two fathers of children in these homes have been imprisoned several times. Three are very high on their government’s blacklist. I personally have not visited one of the homes because it is too dangerous for the nationals to be seen with a foreigner.

Many of these children’s families have been exiled from their home villages. Others, because of their parent’s faith, are banned from attending the public school in their district. A few of the children themselves have experienced personal persecution and suffering. A few of their fathers have been martyred.

The following names of these homes are the names that we have given them. They do not carry these names in their own country.

They are:

(1) The King’s Home (21 children)
(2) The Home of Peace (13 children)
(3) The Home Grace (15 children)
(4) David’s Home (18 children)

Each one of these homes is very simple, but safe, full of love, good food, education and Jesus.

I have had the part of ministering to needy children and orphans for three decades. In my opinion there is nothing more compelling or near to the heart of God than helping support and care for these children.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration in sponsoring one of these homes. If you sponsor one of these homes then you will receive regular updates on that home, pictures and specific information.