The Hmong Mountain Home was reopened in May 2013. It had been closed for lack of support and funding. These tribal people have no school. They live in simple villages on the mountains.


Fifteen young children were chosen to come and live in this home during the week, as it is near a national school.

With no education, these children are “at risk” for many perils that the darkness in this region brings. With education comes a hope of a different future. As they live in this home, they also will have opportunity to be taught and discipled as young children in the Scriptures.

The younger children were chosen because the older ones had no education and it was too late for them to begin in the public school.

For us at CHF, this is a very tender and unique opportunity to not only change the lives of these children, but by planting the seeds and life of the gospel within them, to send them as light into the darkness.

Because of the economic status of this region the cost of caring for these children is less than in other areas. The cost of underwriting these 15 children is US$900. This simple home could care and provide for up to 24 children.

Thank you for prayerfully considering becoming a sponsor of this home. Remember that the level of your sponsorship is your choice.