Project Description

  • Sponsor a Home of Hope
  • Sponsor a Home of Hope Philippines
  • Sponsor a Home of Hope Philippines

Serving the Human Trafficked

The Philippines has an extraordinary number of young children who are being sexually trafficked online—they are forced by people in positions of authority to perform sex acts while being directed and watched by abusers in front of their computers around the world. When these children are rescued, they have nowhere to go. The Compassionate Hope Village of Hope will provide care that addresses their emotional, physical, educational, and spiritual needs.

How You Can Help

  1. PRAY. Pray for healing as the children are left to work through the trauma they have experienced.
  2. SHARE. Share with others what Compassionate Hope is doing and how others can become involved.
  3. LEARN. Learn more specifically about what we are doing in the Philippines, please contact us directly.
  4. GIVE. Click the “Sponsor our Home” button to help us with a monthly or one-time gift.
  5. SPONSOR. If you are a church, business, or small group which would like to sponsor a Home of Hope, please contact us to find out about our special program for group sponsors.

Philippines Home of Hope

This is our first Home of Hope in the Philippines. It is also our first home focused exclusively on children who were rescued from online sex trafficking. We partner with International Justice Mission (IJM) on this project—they are “rescuing” the children, and then we are taking them in, providing love, security, housing, emotional and spiritual counseling healing, and education.

We envision having 10 Homes of Hope here for 200 children, plus a school, church/canteen (under construction now), playing fields, and more.

Home Details:

  • 8 Girls

  • $2000 per month (Partially Sponsored)

  • Philippines