Daniel & Natalie Herrington

Student Life Directors

Daniel and Natalie are passionate about helping the “least of these” break free from the trauma of their past through the power of the Gospel to discover their God-given future.

The Herrington’s founded the Something Club to help the children in our Homes of Hope know Jesus better and disciple them while addressing identity, baggage, trust, and following Jesus. Your Something Club membership of $10 a month gives a child in one of our Homes of Hope access to our program, providing discipleship, healing from trauma, and spiritual growth.

Support Daniel & Natalie Harrington

Daniel and Natalie have been traveling to the Philippines for almost ten years. In 2016, they founded Ellipsis International, an organization focused on equipping churches and organizations to reach forgotten and neglected children in the Philippines and around the world with the freedom of the Gospel!

In 2019, their ministry, Ellipsis International, merged with Compassionate Hope to form a more effective team to reach children who are victims and potential victims of human trafficking and religious persecution in Southeast Asia.

As Compassionate Hope’s Student Life Directors, Daniel and Natalie are responsible for designing and leading our program by serving our national leaders and our 800+ children in 43 Homes of Hope throughout Thailand, Laos, and the Philippines. They will provide training to the house parents and love and attention to the children, introducing concepts they originated through Ellipsis’ Freedom Camps.

In addition to working with the CHF children, Daniel and Natalie will share Freedom Camps with the broader Christian family, lead mission trips to Asia, and serve as spokespeople for CHF in the United States.

Daniel is a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi and has served as Worship Leader for several churches. Natalie is a graduate of Southern Methodist University, and is author of The Forgotten Ones: A Journey to Finding Freedom for Orphans and Neglected Kids. They were married in 2015 and they have a newborn daughter, Heidi.


Please consider supporting Daniel & Natalie and their work with Compassionate Hope.