Jessica Schulte

USA Team Member

Jessica’s heart is tender towards the vulnerable, and she is deeply compassionate towards leaders in the kingdom for the special burdens they bear.

Her role will be to support and encourage the CHF teams in the USA and Asia alongside her future husband, Corbin Barron.

Jessica grew up as the third of six children in a strong Christian home, with both parents serving in church and parachurch ministries. Her faith in Christ and love for the global church were fostered from a young age by friends and teachers passionately serving the Lord and others and by the many of stories she read about missionaries who dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel. 

Her desire to please God and love others drove her to high achievement in her relationships and career as a teacher and theatre artist. But after running so fast and working so hard to please God, Jessica became exhausted and discouraged. It was in that low place of disappointment that she began to experience the tender presence of God like never before. She began to learn that it is His love, and not her own desire to please him, that reveals God’s calling in her life. 

Jessica experienced a deep yearning for God. She began to pray that God would bring her around like-minded people wanting to serve the Lord wholeheartedly! 

Then, in the spring of 2021, she was invited to a spiritual retreat organized by CHF. She was refreshed and encouraged by fellowship with people devoted to the Lord and deeply passionate about serving others! Among those, she met Corbin Barron, a member of the CHF team and a close friend to her brother Jay. Jessica fell in love with the team as the Lord steadily drew her heart toward the mission of CHF, and to her delight, this coincided with being swept off her feet by Corbin, whose love for God and people encourages and exceeds her own.

Now a part of the CHF team, Jessica is currently preparing for a life of ministry and missions on both sides of the world alongside her future husband. (To be married January 1, 2022)


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