Why Education?

In spiritual terms, sin is at the root of human trafficking. However, in earthly terms, poverty is at the root of almost all human trafficking.

Poverty leads desperate parents to force their children into child labor, to offer their girls as child brides, and to even sell their children to sex traffickers. It compels young women (and men) with no other option, to offer their bodies to prostitution in order to generate income for their parents and extended families.

But there is an almost 100% cure for poverty at the individual level: a quality education.

Poverty Compassionate Hope
Commitment to Education

Compassionate Hope’s Commitment to a Quality Education

Compassionate Hope has 750+ children in its 42 Homes of Hope located in Thailand, Laos, and the Philippines.

We work among the poorest of the poor in Southeast Asia. In Thailand, this means we work primarily in rural regions with children from tribal groups who are refugees from nearby countries. As refugees, they receive limited services from the government and options are few. While the average rural child receives only 6.7 years of education, the tribal children often receive considerably less…and of a lower quality. Compassionate Hope is committed to providing a quality education to each of its children, from kindergarten through high school, and beyond, to university, Bible school, or vocational training. We currently have 40 children in studies beyond high school.

Our Financial Need

It costs approximately $100,000 each year to provide a quality education to our 700+ children (an average of $142 per child).

By offering a quality education—and English-language training where possible—our children have a great likelihood for good jobs, financial independence…and to BREAK the cycle of poverty. They will never have to consider selling themselves or their children into trafficking.

This is our elementary school at our Village of Hope in Phusang where approximately 250 children attend. It opened 2 years ago.

Education Financial Need


Please consider helping support a quality education for children in Southeast Asia.