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Education for the Least of These

Education for the Least of These

Education is a critical part of helping our rescued children escape the crushing cycle of poverty, abuse, and exploitation.

Compassionate Hope works among the poorest of the poor in Thailand, Laos, and the Philippines.


Many of the children we care for live in rural regions and are from tribal refugee groups. As refugees, they receive limited services from the government and education options are few.

While the average rural child receives only 6.7 years of education in Thailand, the tribal children often receive considerably less . . . and of a lower quality.

Education expenses for our 850+ children at our Homes of Hope costs Compassionate Hope approximately $150,000 each year.

Will you help us give them a quality education this year?


Because of you, our Children of Hope will never have to consider selling themselves or their children into trafficking.

By providing our children with a quality education and English language training, our boys and girls have a greater likelihood for good jobs, financial independence—and the means to BREAK the cycle of poverty.

Give the gift of education today.

Choose how you would like to give!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my donation go?2022-07-21T10:41:37-05:00

Your Education for the Least of These gift goes toward our Home Care fund, which provides daily care, education, and provision for over 850+ children. Your gift through the Home Care fund allows each home to thrive, whether meeting a basic need such as education or food, or providing something special such as a playground or computer lab. Each gift category shown represents items that the Home Care Fund covers, and donations will be used to provide assistance where it is needed most for home care.

We labor to keep overhead costs to a minimum and more than 90% of every gift funds our work overseas.

What happens after a young man or young woman graduates from high school?2022-07-20T18:25:48-05:00

Compassionate Hope is committed to helping our children pursue higher education and we help cover the costs for university, Bible school, or vocational training.

How many children does Compassionate Hope care for in Southeast Asia?2022-07-20T18:24:04-05:00

Compassionate Hope cares for more than 850 children in our 55+ Homes of Hope in Thailand, Laos, and the Philippines.

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