At Compassionate Hope, we are burdened by God’s compassionate love for children who were once weak, poor, vulnerable, and fatherless in Thailand, Laos, and the Philippines.

We provide loving homes, called Homes of Hope, where these at-risk children’s physical, emotional, educational, vocational, social, and spiritual needs are met.

The Homes of Hope are run by national spiritual leaders, not U.S. staff. Our role is to be a servant to the servants in the nations where we operate.

Our Homes of Hope are homes, not orphanages. We welcome the children into families led by house parents, who love and care for their children just as a birth parent would care for their child. Some homes have as few as six children, whereas other homes have 20 or more children. Compassionate Hope also helps establish churches at each Home of Hope location.

Compassionate Hope Foundation


You, your family, your church or small group can sponsor a Home of Hope in Thailand, Laos or the Philippines. Your generosity means a life of love and hope to children that have never known either.