“I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” – Albert Schwietzer

What do we do? Or better yet, What don’t we do?

Compassionate HopeAs a ministry, Compassionate Hope is committed to serving the nations in two ways. First, we take on projects that meet current needs, like housing and health care. Second, our goal is to empower the communities we serve to build a better tomorrow. This includes projects such as educational and vocational training. Our desire for those we serve is that they are better off today than they were yesterday. And our prayer is that tomorrow, they will be even stronger than they are today.

Our ministry’s strategy is unique to some in that our efforts focus on creating independence.  Compassionate Hope seeks to enable local missions work not by taking over but by sharing in the needs, concerns, and burdens of the native community as they are made known to us through personal interactions. Remembering that we are guests, we seek to develop deep, life-long relationships by learning and understanding the culture–forsaking our own. With their grace and permission, we become one with them, empowering their efforts with our gifts and resources.

We live together. Love together. Work together. Suffer together. Rejoice together. Develop solutions together.

Whether living among a people permanently, or for three-four months out of the year, we commit to support, sustain, equip, and encourage them indefinitely.  We are partners, yet we assume the role of servant.

What does our service (partnership and solution development) look like?

Together we partner to:

  • Comfort the abused
  • Cultivate the worker
  • Dig wells
  • Educate the illiterate
  • Empower the downtrodden
  • Feed the poor
  • Give sight to the blind
  • House the widow and orphan
  • Medicate the ill
  • Rescue from slavery and trafficking

What do we do? We SERVE!