Make a lasting impact in the lives of kids in Southeast Asia by supporting all 43 of our Homes of Hope for one month.

“Home Care” is the day-in, day-out loving, family-style care we provide to all of our 800+ children. It includes food, clothing, medical, and parental care in our 43 Homes of Hope.

Compassionate Hope has over forty Homes of Hope located throughout Thailand, the Philippines and persecuted regions in Southeast Asia. These homes offer a place of refuge for children and teens who are at high risk of being exploited.

These children face risks every day and have been threatened to be sold as child brides or human slaves, abandoned by parents in slavery, orphaned by parents with disease, or persecuted because of their parent’s faith in Christ.

By supporting the work that Compassionate Hope is doing in Asia, YOU give these children a home, a hope, and a future.

Purchases from the Compassionate Hope Gift Catalog will be used to help our Homes of Hope and children in the manner directed. If we have a surplus of one item, we reserve the right to use your funds to provide other items of need. If you have any questions, please contact us at