Help give the children in our Patricia B. Hammonds II Moses Home of Hope comfortable bunk beds!

In the images included, you will see the mattresses where the children are currently sleeping. These mattresses help keep the children warm during the night, but they have been used on the floor for many years and do not have adequate individual space. We desire to bless the children in this Home of Hope with new bunk beds, and you can help!

We want to put four sets of bunk beds in each of the eight rooms at the home, for a total of 64 beds, which leaves room to grow. We found a local store that can provide quality bunk beds, and we have enjoyed great conversations with the store’s owner. The price (or donation amount?) below will provide one bed within a bunk set. If you would like to donate an entire bunk please put 2 beds in your cart!

Thank you for helping support God’s work at the Patricia B. Hammonds II Moses Home of Hope. You are helping give these precious, rescued, redeemed children a home, hope, and a future.