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Davanh Phonsavan

About Davanh:

  • Name: Davanh Phonsavan

  • Birthdate: 1998

  • Home: Luang Prabang Province
  • Home of Hope: She has been in Khamphay’s Homes for five years.

  • Major: English and Bible

  • College: Bible School in Chiang Rai (3rd year student and is projected to graduate in September 2020)

  • More about Davanh: Her parents are living and are Christians. She has two siblings. Davanh was saved early because her mother became sick. Pastor brought them to his house until she was healed and the whole family became Christians. Her favorite people are her mother and Pastor Khamphay because he is a father figure and he taught her diligence. Davanh loves children and wants to teach them in Sunday School