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Tayida “Nam” Chaphue

“I didn’t even expect it to be real — I was just wishing.”

About Nam:

  • Name: Tayida Chaphue
  • Nickname: “Nam”
  • Birthdate: 1999

  • Nationality: Thai
  • Home: Phusang, Thailand
  • Home of Hope: Phusang Village of Hope

  • College: Payap University, Mae Fah Luang U., or Rajabhat Chiang Rai University

  • Location: Thailand
  • College Major: Language

  • Graduation: 2022

  • Occupation: Wants to become a Translator

  • Hobbies: Traveling, Playing Games and Music

  • Favorite Book: What on Earth Am I Here For?
  • English Proficiency: Almost Proficient


I committed my life to Christ when I was 14 years old. Now I am 19 and after all those years that passed by I learned how to follow Christ and look at Him as an example of how to live a life. I really trusted Jesus for the first time when I heard the great news from Papa Al Henson that I would be going to America to study. Before that happened, I had posted on my FB page that I wished I could go study in a foreign country. I didn’t even expect it to be real — I was just wishing. The next morning, I received the good news that I was going to America for high school. My prayer had been answered, and now I have been here in the USA for almost 4 years. I placed my faith in Jesus Christ and have trusted Him ever since. When I go back to Thailand I am ready to do whatever God has prepared me to do.

Home Life

My life before I went to live at the Home of Hope was not a safe life. The village I lived in was full of teenage boys who were addicted to drugs. These boys were dangerous; they raped and attacked teen girls. It was not safe for me to live there anymore, and that was the reason I went to live at the Home of Hope.

Today I have two families: my American family and my Thai family. I sometimes get to talk with my Thai family, but their Internet is bad and it is difficult to reach them.

Compassionate Hope Note: Nam was able to attend high school in America, but is now returning to Thailand for her university education.