• Compassionate Hope

Rungnapa “Ning” Yamongkol

“He gave me love that I never had before.”

About Ning:

  • Name: Rungnapa Yamongkol
  • Nickname: “Ning”

  • Birthdate: 2000

  • Nationality: Thai

  • Home: Phusang, Thailand
  • Home of Hope: Phusang Village of Hope

  • College: Far Eastern University

  • Location: Thailand
  • College Major: Business/Chinese

  • Graduation: 2023

  • Occupation: Teacher/Translator/Missionary

  • Hobbies: Movies & Reading Travel Blogs

  • Favorite Person: Mother Teresa
  • English Proficiency: Almost Proficient


I was working in a small resort area as a young girl, trying to provide for myself so I could get a good education. God saved me, though, by stopping a bad cycle that I didn’t want to be in. He gave me love that I never had before. He also has given me opportunities and a good education. He helps me see my purpose in life and keeps me safe. This makes me want to be more like Him and help others know Him.

Home Life

I have a good relationship with my parents even though they are very poor and don’t have an education. I know they try their best for me.

Compassionate Hope Note: Ning was able to attend high school in America, but is now returning to Thailand for her university education.