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Sureeporn “Bam” Japhu

“God brought me to the Village of Hope where I learned so much about who God is, and how much He loves us.”

About Bam:

  • Name: Sureeporn Japhu
  • Nickname: “Bam”

  • Birthdate: 1999

  • Nationality: Thai, Lahu

  • Home: Phusang, Thailand
  • Home of Hope: Phusang Village of Hope

  • College: Payap University or Mae Fah Luang
  • Location: Thailand
  • College Major: Accounting, Education, or Graphic Design
  • Graduation: 2024

  • Occupation: Wants to become a Translator

  • Hobbies: Drawing, Painting, Instruments
  • Favorite Book: The Good Earth and the Narnia series
  • English Proficiency: Moderate


I was saved in 2013. A pastor who led me to Christ asked me if I wanted to be saved from hell. I did, but I did not know much about Jesus because I really only wanted to be saved from hell. I did not care that I had just submitted my life to Christ.

Three or four years later, God brought me to the Village of Hope where I learned so much about who God is, and how much He loves us. So, about a year after moving to the Home of Hope, I decided to follow Jesus and was baptized by Al Henson and Pratuan at the Phusang waterfall.

Home Life

I lived with my two brothers who took care of me while my parents worked in other provinces. I would see my parents maybe twice a month. Eventually, when my brothers went off to work, I moved into an apartment with two female cousins. Sometimes we wouldn’t have food, so we went into the woods to find wild vegetables to cook. It was frightening to not have enough to eat, but it was exciting to have a way to provide for ourselves by working together. This lasted until one of my cousins got pregnant.

Papa Al and Pastor Somboon felt I needed to move out of the village for my safety. I lived with Mother Bua for about a year, but then moved into a Home of Hope at the Village of Hope.

Compassionate Hope Note: Bam was able to attend high school in America, but is now returning to Thailand for her university education.